Why Irrigation?????

Due to the change in global weather pattern it becomes difficult to rely on the rain in order to achieve maximum crop yields, and food security has since been affected.

Hedge Techniek limited offers solution to this problem by offering various irrigation systems to meet your water requirements the major systems included here are

  1. Overhead Irrigation Systems
  2. Drip Irrigation Systems
  3. Water Purification and treatment Machines
  4. Automatic Irrigation and Climate Controllers

Overhead irrigation.

Hedge Techniekk offers overhead irrigation systems that suit your requirement, we design projects based on the feasibility study and general questionnaire carried out by our teams to establish the real conditions of the area before the actual design and installation is carried out. Working together with international irrigation equipment manufacturers and suppliers we are able to source and supply the following depending on the prevailing circumstances,

  • Jet Sprinkler systems
  • Fogging systems
  • Mistters

Drip Irrigation Systems.

Hedge Techniekk Limited supplies and installs drip irrigation systems from well known Drip line manufacturing companies in the world. Prior to the installation we take step by step information gathering regarding the land topography,type of soil, quality of the water and availability etc, based on these factors we offer Drip irrigation designs that suits your requirements.

The following are basically the major systems that we offer

  • Drip tape systems
  • Arrow Dripper systems
  • Button Dripper systems
  • Spray stake systems
  • In line Drippers

Water Purification and Treatment Machines.

In partnership with international suppliers specialized in water technology Hedge Techniekk Limited supplies, installs and services different kinds of water Technology Machines such as

  • Chlorine injectors
  • Chemical and fertilizer injectors
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) machines
  • Filtration Systems

We have the experience and expertise in almost all the injectors in the market.

Automated Irrigation And Climate control Systems

Irrigation and fertilizer injection can be challenging sometimes due to wrong timings resulting from human error and sometimes poor quality of fertilizers and many other factors, that’s why there is need to do precise Nutrigation (Irrigation with Fertilizers), this can only be achieved when we involve computerized controllers that have sensors such as Flow sensors, EC Sensors, PH Sensors and even water temperature sensors that aid in checking the chemical composition of the water,

With our experience in almost all the irrigation controllers currently in the market Hedge Techniekk Limited supplies,Installs and Services well known worldwide controllers such as

  • NMC Controllers
  • Priva Computers
  • Galcon Controllers
  • Hunter Controllers
  • Other Irrigation Timmers and Controllers

We do our designs for these systems according to the client requirements and prevailing conditions in the actual field before we install the system in the field.

Climate control Systems

In advanced and special cases where plants need extra care and very precise and accurate treatment, Hedge Techniekk Limited offers a solution by installing Automatic Climate Control Systems. With the advancement in technology climate controllers includes sensors like weather station incorporated with Outside Temperature sensors, Outside Humidity Sensors, Wind speed Sensors, Wind Direction Sensors, Radiation Sensors and Rain Detectors. These sensors are therefore responsible for the climate control system of a particular Zone.

In Many cases Climate control systems are normally incorporated with the irrigation controllers but in special cases where a clien would want to control the systems separately, we have both the solutions at hand,

The climate control systems that we can supply, install and Service are,

  • NMC Climate Controllers
  • Priva Climate Computers
  • Galcon Climate Controllers
  • Hunter Controllers


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