At Hedge Techniekk Limited we understand the joy of  living in a beatyfull environment and enjoying a the sight of a heathy and well groomed lawn.With our vast experienced in water technology and automation, we offer a variety of products when it comes to home and even field beautification

We design and install watering systems for lawns for homes hotels, office parks, hospitals, public and private gardens.

Among our product list are

  • Button Drippers for trees and shrubs
  • Perforated underground laterals for the grass
  • Pop-Up Systems for the garden
  • Movable overhead sprinklers and many others.

In order to save time and waste of water we control the operation by the use of small user and pocket friendly timmers that can start and stop the opening and closing of the water according to dayly,weekly, and even year round programs that we feed in these tiny controllers. And therefore you don’t have to worry about the timing of garden watering anymore the programmable controllers will do it for you. The following are the major timmers that we use

  • Hunter Controllers 6-12 stations
  • Galcon Controllers  6 – 16 stations

These controllers are very flexible and can be introduced in existing manual systems to make life easier for the garden attendant.

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